There’s no way to write off modern pop music when artists like Rina Sawayama demonstrate that it is possible to imbue sophistication and verve into what many consider a pre-fabricated music format.

With her new mini-album RINA, Sawayama points the way to what might be ahead – future pop! Taking her cues from 80s production values, Sawayama’s particular R&B sensibility resides in an alternative reality where melodies, harmonies and textured arrangements (not to mention retro synth AND guitar solos!) are the norm rather than the exception.

With songs like the anthemic “Ordinary Superstar”, the energetic “Take Me As I Am” and infectious MJ-channeling “10-20-40”, Sawayama sets RINA off with the strongest possible start.

Add to this impressive song list the dynamic well-received singles viz. “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”, “Alterlife” and “Tunnel Vision” (the duet with Shamir) and it’s clear that RINA is one of the most important pop releases of 2017.

Bloody essential!

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