It’s not too difficult to place Jennie Vee’s influences. The atmospheric, banks of guitar style on new EP Suffer are highly reminiscent of 80s/90s dream pop / shoegaze.

Playing shoegaze / dreampop in 2017 is an outstanding fact in itself though Vee’s music credentials bear repeating.

She has been described as “the new Courtney Love”, has played bass with Hole and is currently a touring member of Eagles of Death Metal!

Vee has herself proclaimed The Cure as her biggest influence and although direct references to Robert Smith and Co are hard to discern, certainly The Cure’s pop sensibilities are evident.

And make no mistake, Suffer is a fine 80s/90s pop album which evokes the usual suspects viz. My Bloody Valentine and Lush.

However, what does stand out are the raw, honest lyrics especially on tracks like “Hospital Bed”.

“Lie in a hospital bed/Hopelessly disconnected/You better fight your demons/I know they got you bleeding/Again”

Something for everyone here. Check it out!


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