New buzzworthy band Cigarettes After Sex take their visual and sonic cues from 1980s post-punk and the revival that has burned in earnest about a decade or so again. So whilst, their branding is very much Joy Division and Interpol in focus, there is chilled-out vibe about their songwriting and performance on their eponymous debut full-length.

The ponderous rhythms of their fragile melodic presentations recall the ambient dream pop of the likes of Cocteau Twins and Low, and even perhaps a more tuneful Dead Can Dance and/or This Mortal Coil. There is certainly the melancholy air of The Smiths in several of their offerings as well.

The opening two tracks viz. “K.” and “Each Time You Fall in Love” establishes the agenda clearly, chiming guitars, atmospheric soundscape and Velvets-type drumming – indie pop that references the influences of 80s and 90s bands equally known for their sartorial fashion sense as their melodic sensibilities.

Yes, some might argue that the songs can get rather formulaic but with songs as gorgeous as the aforementioned opening tracks and “Apocalypse”, “John Wayne”, amongst others – it’s a case of wanting more of the same for now. Definitely good enough.


… still there’s more …


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