I have been a fan of Bittersweet Machines (a.k.a. Matt Mocharnuk) ever since I reviewed his debut release, Solituda, in 2012. I believe I described the experience as an “eargasm!”

What I have always loved about Matt’s songcraft is his ability to channel the best sounds of the 80s new wave, without compromising his own idiosyncratic personal vision.

On his latest EP, Matt continues to expand his sound ever so slightly while maintaining his elemental 80s pop approach.

This development can be heard in selection of drum tracks and synth patches, they are subtle but they are there to be appreciated and understood.

But of course, it is in Matt’s epic anthemic choruses that the huge payoff of Bittersweet Machines is realised.

On “Same Old Tragedy” and “Me and My Monsters” once again, Matt elevates his battles with his personal demons to a cataclysmic level.

“Sign of Life” finds Matt changing up the arrangement with a bouncy rhythm that provides relief to the heavy sentiments elsewhere.

Final track “Beyond My Door” offers a certain measure of hope as life goes on, even somewhat inexplicably.

Certainly fans of such diverse contemporary genres as synthwave, emo and indie electro-pop will find something to enjoy in No Bad Horizon.

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