When you consider how obsessed the current modern rock scene is with the 80s New Romantic/Big Music vibe, it makes perfect sense for Simple Minds to freshen up their sound by going back to a tried and tested formula.

Thus, the addition of younger musicians to supplement the core of Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill seems calculated enough but music fans should have no quibbles with the final result.

In that respect, Walk Between Worlds – the band’s first release since 2014’s Big Music echoes certain aspects of U2’s Songs of Experience.

The ‘indie pop’ elements are heightened to appeal to millennial listeners without enough of a throwback vibe that keep diehard fans loyal.

The album is an easy one to listen to – very smooth and hooky – with songs like “Magic”, “Utopia” and “The Signal and the Noise” cutting through the distractions that the modern world might provide.

It is a confident album that never apologises for its backward gazing, fully assured that a younger audience exists for its legacy.

Bright and shiny, everybody needs a little Simple Minds in their life right now.

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