The best music, in our humble opinion, is able to take the listener out of himself or herself and into that special place where music does what it does best. To create a magical world where the music is complete in itself and does not require anything else to embellish the sheer pleasure, be it aural, sensual or intellectual.

This is where Imperfection, the new album from PIBLOKTO (a.k.a. Alexius Cai) fits in perfectly (pardon the pun!) with our understanding of what the best music is. These instrumental songs need no context to be utterly savoured. We don’t need know how the artist looks like or what he has been up to or how many followers he has on his Instagram account or anything of that irrelevant nonsense.

Think 1970s English pastoral folk music – the oblique understated majesty, the rustic flavour and the sweet sweet melodies and timbres that envelope the listener from the first moment the title track greets the ears – it’s all here and keeps on going till the final note on the last track, “When the Low Heavy Sky Weighs Like a Lid”.

In between, the beatific “The Way Home” (complete with infant gurgling), the melancholy “Longing” and the exquisite “Conversations” stand out for technical precision, songwriting craft and artistic brilliance.

Imperfection is very much a widescreen album, despite the clarity of its focus with the main goal of conveying a distinct sound very much fulfilled. Suffice to say that it is indeed one of the essential albums for discerning music lovers.

PIBLOKTO launches Imperfection at the Esplanade Recital Studio on January 15th, from 8pm.

Tickets available from SISTIC. http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/cimper0117

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