Our beloved rock music is much more than the number of Instagram likes or Youtube views or Spotify plays. It is all about heart and soul.

Singapore dark progressive rock trio Lunarin returns to bless us with a three-song EP Into the Ether, six years on from their last release, the acoustic-centred The Midas Session.

Longtime fans will observe that this new EP – which clocks in at just under 24 minutes – finds Linda Ong (bass, vocals), Loo Eng Teck (drums) and Ho Kah Wye (guitars) in a more matured, sophisticated place in their creative lives.

The songs viz. “Rage”, “Bruises” and “The Flood” fit nicely in the middle of the heavier Duae and the poppier The Midas Sessions.

A fine balance that delivers satisfying melodic hooks layered on dark musical conceits whilst staying true to their 90s alt-rock roots with core influences Tool, The Perfect Circle and Soundgarden sonically evident.

Also obvious is the utter lack of compromise of Lunarin’s art and craft. None of the shamelessly pragmatic pandering to audiences too blatant amongst the current crop of Singapore artistes.

It matters not. For those in the know, this is a S-ROCK release worth the wait. Essential.

Pre-order now!

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