When Power of Pop started in or about 1998, ostensibly it was meant to cover a genre of pop music known as ‘power pop’. Although the genre was actually defined as “a style of pop music characterised by a strong melody line, heavy use of guitars, and simple rhythm” (exemplified by bands like The Raspberries, The Knack and Cheap Trick), Power of Pop expanded the definition to include concepts like an ability to convey spiritual and emotional meaning and a musical authority, which we would like to simplify as “music with heart and soul”.

This version of ‘power pop’ encompassed ALL rock & pop genres and it seemed to suit the Power of Pop agenda for the longest time. But of course, the last five years have been possibly the nadir of pop music. Thus, the need to rejig the original meaning of ‘power pop’ into #THENEWROCKNROLL to cover bands and artists playing what was known as rock ’n’ roll back in the 1970s.

However, dismissing new pop music out of hand seemed also arbitrary and quite often there were really awesome new pop music that just did not fit #THENEWROCKNROLL but deserved to be featured on this site. So to differentiate itself from the commonly held understanding of the term ‘power pop’, we grouped this batch of new pop music under the designation #POPPOWER, which will be the label we use from now on.

So make sure that you visit us regularly to keep up with the bands and artists making a difference in the modern music scene, whether under #THENEWROCKNROLL or #POPPOWER or even both!

… still there’s more …