October 9th would have been John Lennon’s 77th birthday. Come December 8th, he would have been dead for 37 years.

Considering the passage of time, it might be easy to forget Lennon’s impact on music and pop culture and the fact that both have radically changed from when Lennon was at his peak.

For Lennon, music and art was an expression of himself. He often wrote his lyrics in the first person and he was never afraid of singing about the things he saw, felt and thought.

Thus, his music was about love, sex, hate, drugs, politics and sometimes whimsy. Even when his creative powers were declining to a certain extent – during his solo career – he never lost his edge.

Almost four decades since his untimely demise, pop music is completely unrecognisable from the time when Lennon was most influential – the 60s (with the Beatles)/70s (as a political activist).

Pop music is now pre-fabricated and soul-less. Written and produced on an assembly line and fronted by celebrity whores, the entire concept of pop music artistry has gone underground.

Songs like “Power to the People” and “Give Peace a Chance” would be unthinkable from a leading pop star now. The machine has effectively neutered pop music for good.

The last time we though a new artist had a remote chance of emulating Lennon’s impact – Kurt Cobain – sadly took his own life over 20 years ago. And we have not seen his like since.

On this day – the 77th anniversary of his birth, we who do appreciate Lennon’s value and worth, will do well to simply remember how precious that life was, in its entirety.

Celebrate the life and music of John Lennon, warts and all, because that special kind of artist is now and forever extinct.


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