Indie rock legend Johnny Marr returns with his third solo album Call the Comet.

The most refreshing aspect of Marr’s reinvention as a solo artist is that he seems effortlessly comfortable in producing whatever makes him happy without regard for trends.

Call the Comet lives up to the standard set by previous albums Playland and The Messenger, by delivering songs that are melodically pleasing with an alt-rock edge.

Once again, Marr never uses the Smiths card, with a sonic approach that is closer to his collaborations with Bernard Sumner in Electronic than that with Morrissey.

That said, Marr is not adverse to showcasing his immense skills as a guitarist. On “Hi Hello” and “Day In Day Out” Marr’s subtle touches enhanced the well written numbers.

Elsewhere, on “New Dominions” and “My Eternal” Marr dabbles with electronic sounds to embellish his basic guitar format to maximum effect.

Marr provides an excellent lesson for any new band to learn from, that indie pop-rock is much more than dream pop, with elements of 80s dance-rock and jangle-pop, true viable alternatives.


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