A call to arms!

The alternative Lennon-McCartney?

Certainly, Robyn Hitchcock plays the Lennon role convincingly while much of Partridge’s songwriting has been informed by a love for McCartney.
The Planet England EP marks the first fruits of an exciting collaboration and the results do not disappoint. In fact, my only gripe is that there are but FOUR songs on this prized collection.

Hitchcock sings lead on most tracks with Partridge pulling more vocal duty on the inventive “Got My …”. The opening “Turn me on, Deadman” and “Flight Attendants, Please Prepare for Love” have a sharp psychedelic Revolver vibe about them.

The title track possesses a pastoral quality that finds a middle ground between both talents quite majestically.

Oh what a treasure! Quite possible the best release of the year so far!
Get your copy now!

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