Old Dog, New Tricks
(Mad Monk)

Mister Hardy has become a regular correspondent with your humble writer of late and it’s been fun just chewing the e-fat now and then. Hardy, the singer-songwriter-drummer, is also someone you’d gladly invite into your music-loving heart with his unassuming, subtle but accomplished easy rock styling.

This three-track EP is a treat right from the moment the sanguine vibe of “Bourbon Street” hits you between the eyes. Reminiscent of the finer material of Mark Knopfler and Gerry Rafferty, this mid-tempo paean to the French Quarter, is simple to enjoy. The country-folk musing of “She’s the One” where Hardy channels the late great Roy Orbison and is a pleasant piece of balladry and the upbeat “The Drift,” with its Todd Rundrenesque keyboard changes, is a muscular soul-rocker that takes hold fairly quickly and never lets go.

Good stuff, all round. B+

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