Good feeling!

Almost a decade on since Goodbye Killer, the Pernice Brothers return with a new album that hearkens back to their earliest recordings and even a tip of the hat to Scud Mountain Boys, Joe Pernice’s previous band.

Thus, Spread the Feeling finds the band in fine form hitting that sweet spot between country-folk-pop and alt-rock, with every single track sure to appeal to the band’s patient diehard fans.

The guitars sparkle and shine, Joe is in earnest voice – backed by Neko Case – and the band is a rock machine, spitting out wild mercurial magic that is sweet and sticky.

But the softer side of the Pernice Brothers is maintained in ballads like “Evidently So” and folky numbers like “Wither on the Vine” evoking the atmospheric moments of the wondrous debut, Overcome by Happiness.

Yet, it is in the powerpoppy jangle-rockers like “Mint Condition”, “The Devil and the Jinn”, “Skinny Jeanne” that the band brings home the 90s alt-rock vibe that made their reputations to begin with.

This is a really strong comeback from Joe Pernice and company and one I will be listening to, on repeat for the rest of the year, at least.


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