Iron Maiden Killers

Perfect Love Drives Out Fear is a opinion piece considering the negative influence that religion has something as innocent and innocuous as rock music.

Back in the 70s, the Government conducted a smear campaign against rock n roll and labeled it as ‘yellow culture’ meaning it was decadent and unsuitable for nation building blah blah fucking blah. But to be fair, many countries worldwide were unable to accept the hippie generation (including its originator, the USA) – it’s just that it was possible in Singapore to utterly destroy the thriving local music scene in order to stamp out this undesirable phenomenon. Which they duly did.

So, it was never easy being a rock music fan back in the day when I was a teenager. Worse still in the church where Christian leaders would be blaming rock for all of society’s ills and if you liked rock music, then you were irresponsible as you were allowing ‘satanic’ influences into your life. Now, it’s harder when you are a youth leader (as I was) in my late teens and early twenties. I refused to let this blind superstition affect my listening habits and often was criticized for this. Not only that but this constant barrage of brain-washing by ignorant fools often left one questioning one’s own faith. You know – “am I doing the right thing in listening to this and that?” Too much fear being placed in the hearts, minds and souls of young people. Awful.

Of course, I know now that anything done in the name of GOD was invariably a device to facilitate control. And the church wanted its members (and still does) to be obedient sheep who will commit time and money (most importantly) to its coffers. Thus, anything that could have offered and encouraged independent thought (like the arts) needed to be demonized – which translated to quite a lot of things, as you can imagine. Metal t-shirts (like the ones with Iron Maiden covers), songs with backmasking (even ELO was accused!), bands who practiced witchcraft (like Zep and Sabbath) and so on (I remember one psycho blasting The Beatles for “Her Majesty” as disrespectful of GOD ordained authority and therefore ‘satanic’, the same arsehole confiscated one of my KISS albums – what did I know, I was 15).

I believe that PERFECT LOVE DRIVES OUT FEAR as the Bible says. I believe GOD loves all of us and wants us to love one another – that is the priority. What you watch, listen to, wear etc etc means FUCK ALL in the final analysis. Seriously, all this bullshit is simply a means to control how you think. I would be more concerned about whether you are loving yourself and others than all these other irrelevant things. This is my personal assessment after all these years. Rock ‘n’ roll saved my life and I thank GOD for the gift of music.

Enjoy your Sunday, my friends…and remember – Perfect Love Drives Out Fear!

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