LABEL Peek-A-Boo
SUMMARY As so-called indie rock gains greater mainstream circumspection, it becomes a bigger challenge for to separate the wheat from the chaff. Peel does its best to keep the sounds and styles eclectic.  And that, ultimately, will keep this eponymous debut tasting fresh.

I like the way the band never settles of the easy option, filling their basic pop-rock templates with electronic and guitar noise without once sacrificing melody or attitude.

From a commercial standpoint, Peel may suffer in comparison with the hordes of critically acclaimed new “indie rock” acts coming out – seemingly – from the woodwork but closer examination will prove that Peel deserves as much attention as it can get.

KEY TRACKS Oxford, Bells, In the City, Workers, Wake Up!, 1949, Navy Waves
SOUNDS LIKE Flaming Lips, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Grandaddy, the Kinks, Velvet Underground