Pam & Tommy Ep7

Pam & Tommy Episode 7 is the seventh instalment of an American biographical drama miniseries chronicling the marriage between actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, respectively played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, during the period their unauthorized sex tape was made public. Seriously, when someone says “Pam and Tommy”, the only thing that comes to mind is SEXTAPE!

Entitled “Destroyer of Worlds”, Pam & Tommy Episode 7 continues the downward spiral of the series. If you are still here watching this voyeuristic biographical drama at this point, you probably need to ask the question – why are you still here? Frankly, even with the reintroduction of Rand (Seth Rogan), the narrative drive of the series has gone AWOL completely. What is the dramatic need of the main characters? It’s quite a difficulty to fathom at all! From Rand’s perspective, perhaps his dramatic need is to find his way out of the mess he finds himself in though that itself looks bleak.

Pam & Tommy Episode 7 finds Pam in a desperate situation as her world comes crumbling down. Her feature starring debut Barbwire is an unmitigated flop and her private life is now public fodder and her very character undergoes assassination time and again. Perhaps Rand is the one who destroyed Pam’s world, but typically the beginning and the end of this entire disaster lies squarely at the feet of Tommy Lee. His toxic male ego has never allowed him to think of the big picture but only about his narcissistic and selfish desires. So is that confrontation scene between Tommy and Rand meant to redeem the former? Nope.


So with the series finale to come next, where else can this series go? As mentioned above, it seems to have completely misplaced its narrative core and there seems to be little point of the story to carry on. Thus, Pam & Tommy Episode 7 is hard to watch – what’s the point anymore? Will the series finale tell us?

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