Pam & Tommy Ep6 Review

Pam & Tommy Episode 6 is the sixth instalment of an American biographical drama miniseries chronicling the marriage between actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, respectively played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, during the period their unauthorized sex tape was made public. Seriously, when someone says “Pam and Tommy”, the only thing that comes to mind is SEXTAPE!

Entitled “Pamela in Wonderland”, Pam & Tommy Episode 6 revolves around flashbacks that reveal background on Pamela Anderson’s life in parallel with her sitting down to give a deposition in the lawsuit against Penthouse magazine. In the context of that particular lawsuit, the flashbacks depict how Pam got into the nude modelling business with Playboy, and the establishment of a relationship with Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy.

Presumably, Pam & Tommy Episode 6 is meant to drum up some sympathy for Pam as she has to endure indignity upon indignity at the deposition as the Penthouse lawyer grills her on her sex life and intimate details of what was shown on the SEXTAPE. Obviously, this is a tactic to encourage Pam and Tommy to withdrawn their lawsuit. Honestly, there is nothing too engaging about any of the flashbacks and in fact, border on boring and tedious. All we get from this episode is Pam being embarrassed by the entire proceedings.


Which leads us to the characterisation of Pamela Anderson as this naive bimbotic girl-next-door. Frankly, the audience would find it difficult to emphatize with Pam at any time of this episode. After all, as the Penthouse lawyers rightly pointed out, she has had no problem exploiting her sex appeal and her naked body in the past and notwithstanding the illegal nature of how the SEXTAPE was obtained, the mere existence of the tape itself seems to negate any sympathy whatsoever

Pam & Tommy Episode 6 continues the series’ decline into maudlin drama and hopefully needs pick up in the last two episodes!

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