Offworlder #1

Offworlder #1 is the first issue of this star-spanning science fiction comic book saga by writer Mike Baron and artist Jordi Armengol. Imagine Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter, Tarzan et al) pulp scifi concepts melded with the brutal barbaric sensibility of Robert E. Howard’s Conan books.

Set in 7th century Scotland, an unlikely alliance between Princess Sa’Ra of Alexandria, an Egyptian queen and Henry Gunn, a Scottish clan chieftain is brokered when the latter is recruited to become a champion of the ‘Gods’. Only thing is that these ‘Gods’ are actually aliens. Yes indeed.

Writer Mike Baron is probably best known as the co-creator of Nexus, and his popular runs on DC’s The Flash and Marvel’s The Punisher many years back. Since then, Baron has established himself as a novelist while continuing to dabble in various independent comic books projects like Offworlder. Baron’s writing is always easy on the mind, he understands the power of comic books to sweep the reader in a visual narrative in a quick-fire manner.

Baron is aided and abetted by Spanish artist Jordi Armengol with a dynamic, clean draughting style that captures the action realistically while delivering fantastical concepts believably. There is a touch of Steranko, Paul Gulacy and early Howard Chaykin in his work that will no doubt please fans of classic scifi and fantasy comic books stories.

Offworlder #1 sets up the saga brilliantly, introducing us to our hero Henry Gunn, a down-to-earth leader who is suddenly thrust into a world beyond his comprehension. Baron develops the conflict within Gunn well as his loyalty to his family and his clan is tested by this grand plan of grandeur and greatness. Has he also been tempted by the beauty of Princess Sa’Ra? More than likely as well.

Highly recommended. You can pre-order up a copy from Kickstarter.

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