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Dublin trio No Spill Blood do an excellent job in mixing up various cool influences to produce a visceral sound that fans of progressive metal will thoroughly enjoy. Consisting of Matt Hedigan (bass/vocals), Ruadhan O’Meara (keyboards/vocals) and Ror Conaty (drums), the band have concocted a debut full length that fans of Black Sabbath, Killing Joke, Trans Am & The Melvins will not want to miss. O’Meara’s keyboards is the distinguishing factor and the absence of a guitar does not diminish the immediacy or heaviness one bit. Tracks like the driving “Back to the Earth” & “Now II”, the dark electronic title track, the manic “Thinner”, the punk-ish “El Duurto” and the riff-tastic opener “White Out” bear testimony to the trio’s eclecticism in the midst of its consistent. sonic agenda.

Keyboardist/singer Ruad O’Meara kindly agreed to answer our probing queries via email.

Does the band name have anything to do with Island of Dr Moreau?

It does indeed, or more specifically the film version “The Island of Lost Souls”. Its also the title of an Oingo Boingo song, and its also where DEVO got “Are we not men” from jocko homo etc. It seemed fitting to get a bunch of references in at once!

Does Victorian sci-fi literature have any influence on your lyrics?

All types of science fiction and horror literature and cinema have some part in it, especially comics & graphic novels like 200AD, Preacher, Button Men etc. Obviously, the films of Carpenter, Argento, Frizzi etc have a big part to play in it too.

How did the band get together?

We were all mates to begin with, we just went down to a studio one day for a jam and to drink some beer. After a couple of sessions it began to inadvertently take shape and we realised we had a band on our hands.

What is the music scene like in Dublin – is it supportive of your unique brand of music?

Dublin is a great place for music of all genres. There is a vibrant and healthy underground scene with plenty to offer, no matter what kind of music you are into. It’s great to be a part of a network like that, people are always encouraging and helpful.

How did you get signed to Sargent House?

The label boss Cathy Pellow came across a video of our first or second gig as our drummer was playing in another SH act at the time, Adebisi Shank. She got straight on to us, and it’s great to work with a label of that calibre with such an awesome roster.

Does the music you make ever match the sound you hear in your heads?

Ha, not usually. A lot of the time when you’re trying to go for a certain thing, then something else happens and takes it in a different direction. That’s usually when it gets interesting though.

How does this synthesizer fit into the heavy music you play? What was the thinking behind that?

It was there from the start, we just liked the way it sounded coupled with heavy bass, we loved the density of the pairing, and that it provided a way to do something that was in someway different.

Label mates Russian Circles have been to Singapore quite a few times – would you be open to the idea?

Absolutely! We are eager to get over to that part of the world sooner than later.

Heavy Electricity will be released by Sargent House on 25th January. In the meantime, watch the band playing “White Out” below.