Being involved in the music scene in Singapore is all about what one makes of the situation. Compared to a mere five years ago, there are many opportunities to fill your time with life-enriching activities. You just know where to look…


On Thursday (21st August) I met up and interview Julie Edwards (above, left) and Lindsey Troy of LA-based blues-rockers Deap Vally and found them to be intelligent, beautiful women who knew exactly what they wanted out of life. Mightily impressed with them in that short space of time we chatted.


The following night, the duo rocked Beep Studios with a rollicking set that made fans of all in attendance. Lindsey was in top form and was the ultimate frontman – ozing power and attitude from every pore. At the end, she looked utterly wasted and exhausted, proof positive that she gave her all for rock n roll! Hopefully we will see them in Singapore soon again…


Saturday turned out to be an #sgindie day as I caught The Observatory‘s in-store at Hear Records. The band made the confined space work well with Oscilla resonating out to the rapt audience squeezed within. Don’t ever miss a chance to catch our premiere art-rockers live!


Next up, over at the Esplanade Concourse, PIBLOTKO (aka Alexius Cai) was on hand (with support from Sean Lam and Evan Tan) to deliver fragile, atmospheric gems in an acoustic environment that befitted its artistic intent. The wondrous chilled out vibes was a triumph of tone and virtuosity.


Finally, I ended the day over at the Substation portion of the Night Festival as I watched Hell Low, Obedient Wives Club (above) and Cheating Sons (below) do what they do best. First time, I’d seen Hell Low, I was touched by his ambition and attitude (songs about Singapore – how novel?!) and I likened him to a cross between Leslie Low and Kelvin Tan. Obedient Wives Club are always a treat for the eyes and ears and it was good to see them having fun on stage, despite the (usual) sound issues. Cheating Sons rarely gig now so it was personally meaningful to listen to those familiar songs given a new spin with the support of violin and horns. Renyi was in good voice and form and that made all the difference!

See what I mean – there’s no point complaining about what you think is wrong with the #sgindie music scene – get off your arse and get involved! Music or nothing – this is the way!

… still there’s more …