Believe me, it’s not often a band that I actually dig plays in Singapore. Yep, I’m weird that way. But when I first realized JPNSGRLS (Japanese Girls) that were coming down to Singapore for Music Matters Live ’14, I was pretty stoked. I had loved the Vancouver band’s debut EP Sharkweek from one year ago and well, I was excited by the prospect. The combination of pop smarts, post-punk veneer and rock ‘n’ roll attitude made JPNSGRLS a top band in my opinion and a definite highlight of MML’14.

Once I had met up with Oliver Mann (guitar) and Charlie Kerr (vocals) at the Music Matters conference, watched the band’s thrilling set at Fern & Kiwi last night with Chris McClelland (bass)
Graham Serl (drums) and hung around with the boys post-show, I was pleased to confirm that my instincts about JPNSGRLS was spot-on! Down-to-earth and deeply passionate (and ambitious) about their music, the band deserves everything they have achieved so far and I believe that more is in store for them. Don’t miss any of their remaining gigs in Singapore!

And this awesome experience was only possible because of Music Matters Live. That first night, I managed to catch Buffalo Sunn from Ireland, who impressed with their folky melodicism and indie pop vibe, Aussie blues-rocker Ash Grunwald, French electro-rock outfit The Juveniles and my good friends Lyon Apprentice. So much good music. Best of all, the opportunity to connect with really cool music people – the best kind!

The conference (both Digital and Music Matters) provided food for thought on this fruitful first day and suffice to say, much of what I heard gave me pause to re-assess some of the things I am doing in all my areas of interest.

… still there’s more …