Next up in our recommendation list for Music Matters Live ’14 is SEYRA!

Why did you apply to play at Music Matters Live ’14?

It is a great platform that allows proper, personal interaction between local independent artists and people who are in the big game.  We always wanted to be a part of it the past 2 years and so we’re really glad to be playing this time around!

How do you think playing at the Festival will help you?

Being a part of an event on the scale of MML is both a privilege and opportunity to showcase Singapore’s musical talent. It is also strong recognition of the strides that the band has made in recent years. We will be launching our next EP sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year and we have been planning a regional tour to promote that. It would certainly be helpful meeting all the other regional bands and contacts from the music industry. We are also looking forward to attending some the conferences scheduled through the week.

What are your scheduled slots at MML’14?

23 May, 9 – 9.30pm at China One
24 May, 10.30 – 11pm at Kuro

How are you preparing for MML’14?

We’ll be playing a mixture of popular songs from our existing repertoire as well as a couple of new ones that will be in our upcoming EP. We are rearranging some of the songs, tweaking some parts here and there and trying out some new stuff.

Why should music lovers come and watch you at MML’14?

People should come and watch because we believe our music resonates with a common desire for understanding and connection. The band’s multi-ethnic composition demonstrates this too. We sing about life as it is – fractured yet beautiful.

We also tend to be regarded as an acoustic band known for our stripped down sets. We’ve actually not played at that many public shows with the full band and always have tons of fun rocking out on these rare occasions! It is part of our new sound moving forward as well, so we would love for you to be able to witness it first-hand.

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