Have to confess that I am not a rabid fan of this franchise but after watching this latest instalment, I have to highly recommend Mission:Impossible -Fallout to anyone looking around for a solid action-adventure blockbuster to enjoy!

The basic plot is simple – IMF agent Ethan Hawke (Tom Cruise) has to save the world and with the help of his friends, he does. But not before he has to overcome insurmountable odds that typically require him to put life on the line to achieve what would be impossible for most ordinary folk.

These MI movies are essentially Bond movies, without the sex scenes with Cruise upping the ante with each succeeding movie with regards to eye-popping stunts. The jet-setting and globe-trotting is also in full evidence with the stunning views to entrance as well.

Incredibly well put together by writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, Mission:Impossible – Fallout is that creature – a blockbuster that keeps things simple to deliver on what it should excel in : thrills and spills, while keeping plot holes to a bare minimum.

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