Miracleman Annual #1

Miracleman Annual #1 is a 2014 superhero comic book, published by Marvel Comics. “Joe Quesada illustrates Grant Morrison’s lost Miracleman story, a disturbing confrontation prior to the Battle of London. Peter Milligan and Mike Allred reunite for a new Miracleman classic!” (Marvel.com)

“The Priest & the Dragon: The October Incident: 1966 ” by Grant Morrison & Joe Quesada. | “The Miracleman Family: Seriously Miraculous” by Peter Milligan & Mike Allred. 

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Alan Moore’s re-invention of the superhero genre with Marvelman/Miracleman was for me, akin to the Sex Pistols/Punk’s impact on rock music. This legacy is self-evident from reading the Marvel reprints of the Miracleman collected editions, which has thankfully brought the iconoclastic material to a new audience. Read some background here.

So what does Marvel do, to cash in? This highly dubious Miracleman Annual #1 – which features a Grant Morrison Kid Miracleman tale originally rejected by Moore (justifiably as it turns out!) for publication in Warrior magazine back in the day and a pointless Miracleman Family adventure done in retro style.

The former adds absolutely nothing to the Miracleman canon and the fact that Morrison agreed to this fiasco only points to a massive self-aggrandizing ego run amok. The latter is almost worse as it amounts to nothing more than filler and even contains a embarrassing plot gaffe. In the story, the Miracleman Family (in their human guises) have amnesia and are unable to recall their power word and yet, this happens…

Miracleman Annual #1

Yes! Dicky Dauntless has just spoken his power word – “Miracleman” but does not change to Young Miracleman?!?! C’mon, now – what a shambles, Milligan! Shameful!!


Miracleman Annual #1 is available from Amazon.com.

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