Mee Pok Man was the debut film of Singaporean auteur Eric Khoo and was originally released in 1995. What follows is the review from our founder Kevin Mathews of the 2016 restored film.

Last year at the Singapore International Film Festival, I missed the screening the restored Mee Pok Man (thanks to Ride’s appearance at Neon Lights) and so I jumped at the chance to catch the restored film at The Projector on Friday, 8th April.

When the film first rolled into view, I was frankly quite stunned by the crystal clarity, the sharpness of the visuals! I do not believe that the film looked so stunning the first time I watched it in 1995. Feelings of nostalgia welled up from deep within me as the film held many fond memories for me personally. After all, Mee Pok Man was the first film that featured a score written by me!

And of course, it was all down to director Eric Khoo who insisted that I record an instrumental version of “Little Girl Lost” for the sequence of Bunny’s brother in her bedroom. I am still amazed at how well it worked with the scene.

That experience opened up a whole new world for me in terms of music composition and two years later I would write the score for 12 Storeys – which I understand has a restored version coming out for its 20th anniversary in 2017. This time I will not miss the screening!

Now streaming on Netflix.

Thanks to The Projector for making this review possible.