May December

May December is the first feature in our “World of AI Art” series that has been somewhat stop-start for us. But considering that our web traffic has been slowing down in the last few months, we hope to generate excitement with this attention grabbing AI Art series. In this series, we intend to explore the use of AI Art to imagine scenarios that focus on a particular controversial theme. This time round, it’s all around the senior man – young woman relationship.

May December is typically how we refer to these age-gap relationships, with the most common form involving older men looking for much younger women to develop romantic and sexual relationships with. The reasons are obvious, of course, usually once their previous lovers have reached a certain age it is usual for men to gravitate towards younger women that are pleasing to the eyes, of course.

Now, so far, it is clear that AI Art – especially Midjourney AI – excels in imagining solo characters but when it comes to multiple characters, then the challenges begin for the AI. Typically, the AI is unable to comply with the written prompts, often imagining only one character or failing to render according to the specific instructions. Especially in relation to age, race and gender. However, it is clear that Midjourney version 5.2 has improved in this respect greatly.

This latest exercise, where we instructed Midjourney to imagine a senior gentleman with a young woman at the beach, has been largely successful! Although, there are still minor quibbles here and now, regarding certain visual inaccuracies, overall, these images would be decent enough to be used as stock photographs or to describe a particular story concept. The varied scenarios have been quite accurately depicted, give or take, with the basic instructions obeyed.

May December: this AI Art series may be seen in all its glory at my Facebook page. Please leave a comment if you like and always share with your friends and followers. Thank you!

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