MARK BACINO The Million Dollar Milkshake (Parasol)

Are you sick of all that pointless angst? Or maybe you’re tired of that noisy head-banging metal or that tuneless rap stuff? And that mainstream pop is so much mindless filler! Fret not, faithful reader, I have the cure, and his name is Mark Bacino!

Bacino returns with his follow-up to his well-received debut, Popjob with The Million Dollar Milkshake – a 12-track journey into the heart of soft pop bliss where the aim is to please, sooth and caress (all in a family-oriented way, of course!) the jaded rock and pop enthusiast.

Even a song with the title, “Rockin’ Mood,” doesn’t really but after a few seconds of its feel good vibe (it is after all talking about rocking a baby to sleep – geddit!), you’re not going to care! Instead, just open wide and say “Ah…” whilst Bacino drops a truckload of bubblegum sugar lovin’ that is so irresistible it may take weeks to recover.

No kidding! The jaunty music-hall inflections of “How About Always” manages to throw Macca, Bacharach and Jellyfish into the heady mix, the easy breezy atmosphere of “Want You Around,” the Beatlesque (circa Revolver) veneer of “All I Want,” the jazzy balladry of “Sunny Day” and the lively excitement of “Downtown Girl” all hint at the deep reservoirs of inspiration, Bacino’s twin influences of family and music play in his life.

Remember what I said earlier about Bacino being the cure? I meant every word so listen carefully to the Pop Doctor and get your prescribed dose of The Million Dollar Milkshake now! A