Dear Kevin,

Been overseas since June and missing home, especially with National day and SG51 and the patriotism for Singapore bleeding proudly all over Facebook and instagram, my methods of connecting back to my motherland. Also, all my friends going cray over Pokemon Go, I’m missing out on that. #CHILDHOOD.

I’ve travelled a lot over the years and lived in many places, and Singapore has always been the resting stop for me, the place I want go back to, where I feel I belong. As cheesy as it seems, Singapore is really a nesting ground, I feel safe, and my friends and family make me feel settled. On the road, I miss Singlish, bak chor mee, the occasional Hokkien, the super shiok sambal my mom makes, suppers at Sempang bedok and a plethora of things that make Singapore truly home.

Thank god for Goh Si Kai making sure I get my daily dose of Singaporean. Some funny things I’ve met on the road, are people asking me what my Singaporean name is, what language ‘Singaporean’ is. The nice thing is being able to spot a Singaporean a mile away from the way they talk too, the familiarity is so comforting, and hilarious. I’ve been really glad to gig and play and share with the world what a Singaporean can do, stretching boundaries and making sure people know where I’m from, what makes me. And my red-hot passport? It’s been like an international VIP card to the world.

This journey has been long, and giving my best everyday to perform, sing, share, and learn has exhausted all of me, in an amazing way, but I can’t wait to come home next week.

Cheers, laughter and music,

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