Love Death + Robots Volume 2

Love Death + Robots Volume 2 is the second season of an American adult animated anthology streaming television series on Netflix. Volume 1 debuted in 2019 and like Love Death + Robots Volume 2 is somewhat a mixed bag. However, the difference between the two volumes is that Volume 2 is ten episodes shorter. Arguably that fact might make Volume 2 more digestible for a quick binge. 

Like Volume 1, this second season comprises mainly stories that delve into the scifi, fantasy and horror genres, with numerous adaptations of existing material being explored this time. Notably, “The Drowned Giant” (JG Ballard), “Life Hutch” (Harlan Ellison) and “The Tall Grass” (Joe Lansdale). Ironically, none of the aforementioned are particular stellar work. One wonders what a series of animated adaptations of Philip K Dick short stories would look like. 

The highlights this time around would include the hilarious “Automated Customer Service” where a vacuum bot runs amok, the edgy teenage-centric “Ice”, the Blade Runner-esque “The Pop Squad” and the similarly Dickian “Snow in the Desert”. Again, none are really mind-blowing but as shorts, they are able to engage at least for that brief duration. 

Which, in summary, once again makes a truncated season more reasonable and palatable overall. The animation though is top notch throughout. Which, presumably, is the main draw behind this series. Some of the computer animation looked so realistic, it was uncanny, though obviously in “Life Hutch”, Michael B Jordan actually make an appearance. 

All told, Love Death + Robots Volume 2 is a geek’s wet dream – it’s difficult to imagine non-genre lovers to get behind something that doubles down so hard on genre trappings as this does. If only, the stories were as good as the animation, the series would be perfect! 

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