Loki S01E04

Loki S01E04 is the fourth instalment of the first season of a scifi superhero action-adventure drama set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The series stars Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as the God of Mischief, Loki Laufeyson which Hiddleston had previously portrayed in the MCU, most notably as the main antagonist in The Avengers. 

Entitled “The Nexus Event”, Loki S01E04 is probably the best episode of this series thus far. Unfortunately, this seems to be par for the course with the Disney+ MCU streamers – the problem of taking too long for the plot and characterisations to get off the ground. The first half of the series has depended very much on the charisma of Hiddleston and Owen Wilson to engage the views while the storyline was too light to do likewise. 

Loki S01E04

However, it’s definitely fair to say that with Loki S01E04, the plot is advanced much further than before – despite much of the action taking place in the Time Variance Authority (TVA) HQ. The difference now is that we, the viewers, are now given a proper glimpse behind the curtain and the realisation that the Timekeepers are not what they seem to be and the house of cards begin to fall down around the TVA. 

In addition, there is the risky addition of a possible love interest between Loki and Sylvie (!) that certainly stirs things up somewhat. Sylvie is (finally) given more concrete back story and that significantly fleshes her out enough to make her a tad more interesting as a character. The doubts cast in the minds of Mobius and Hunter B-15 create the much needed conflict with Ravonna (and the TVA) with the ensuing plots that more intriguing for it. 


Loki S01E04 ends with the typical MCU post-credit scene which sets up more shenanigans to keep fans enthralled for the rest of this first season – hopefully at least!

Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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