Polymath – “a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas”.

I am certainly not suggesting that JAWN (aka Jon Chan) is Leonardo Da Vinci but at a superficial level, I found the above definition to be representative of my experience of JAWN.


This young man has proven so far to be an excellent leader, marshalling people around him to produce a first-rate music video (“Fade to Black”) & a well-produced launch show at a warehouse space in Lorong Ampas. Then, there’s the design skills that have developed a killer website, not to mention the fabulous EP itself, housed in a wooden box with a specially crafted thumb drive!


And to top it all off, JAWN has put together a strong debut EP which – on the evidence of tonight – he has no problem delivering live in performance with a crack band: Sano Shimano on guitar, Tim D’Cotta on bass, Lisa Haryono on keys/vocals & Jia Rong on drums. 


With a setlist that included both originals and choice covers performed in a distinctive country-folk-blues style reminiscent of John Mayer and Damien Rice, there was no lack of soulful vibes in the venue, with the crowd feeding off on JAWN’s awkward self-deprecating albeit highly relatable stage manner. With tracks like “Gold” and “Fugue” and a boisterous cover of Rice’s “Volcano” being the highlights. All told, it was clear that everyone in attendance had a splendid time.

A mention to the supporting acts, both singer-songwriters. Jean Tan sounds like she has been performing for a zillion years, so comfortable on stage and with her instrument, she impressed with  pleasing jazz-folk numbers. Shak was a totally different proposition – credit to him for attempting an ambitious rap-folk hybrid and an improvisational approach. Not sure if it worked but appreciated the risk taking. Keep an eye out for both Jean Tan and Shak.

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Thanks to Leonard Soosay for the concert pictures.

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