Photo Credit : Henzy David Photography

The key word here is “rocks”. Like in the rest of the music world, rock music seems to have lost its “hipness” in Singapore, with electro-jazz-soul being the preferred choice of the younger set nowadays.

So it was refreshing to see Pandarocketship buck the trend somewhat with its showcase of Thai garage rockers The Whitest Crow at the Aliwal Arts Centre last Saturday, May 13th.

Photo credit : Henzy David Photography

Opening the proceedings was Shak and the Baits. The band comes across like a covers band playing originals. Not quite sure if that’s a putdown or a compliment – they are not a band that set the pulses racing, it must be said.

Photo credit : Henzy David Photography

But seriously, the only time the band did anything vaguely interesting was when they presented “Get Out”, a rollicking number heavily influenced by Chuck Berry – you could sing ‘Go Johnny Go’ to the chorus progression. At least it fuckin’ rocked! Nice.

Next up, Singapore indie rock staples – Stopgap. By now, you know the drill and the songs are familiar enough to sing along to. All great.

Photo credit : Henzy David Photography

However, the paucity of new material is a concern. Would love to see them develop the psych-rock style they utilised on their alleged cover of “China Wine”. Novelty factor no doubt but can we have something new, fellas?

Photo credit : Henzy David Photography

Finally, the main event. The Whitest Crow demonstrated why there is quite a gulf between regional alt-rockers and our very own proponents. The songwriting is more distinctive and there’s much more of that.

Photo credit : Henzy David Photography

The garage rock with a tinge of synths worked tremendously throughout their invigorating set. Frontman Tritle impressed greatly with his vocal commitment. Top notch.

Hope that Pandarocketship continues to ‘rock’ us in the future! Kudos!!

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