Melbourne band Swim Season draw from the five very different musical backgrounds of its members- James Seymour (Vocals/Guitar), Matthew Jennings (Guitar/Vocals), Danielle Smarrelli (Keys/Vocals), Nelson Yeung (Bass) & Jonathon Ferraro (Drums).

So what can we expect from this quintet with the shiny indie pop sound? Guitarist Matt fills us in.

Why did you apply to play at Music Matters Live ’17?
Mainly, because we love to play shows. It’s an opportunity to showcase our music to a different audience in a different country! It’ll also be a wicked fun time – who wouldn’t apply?!

How do you think playing at the Festival will help you?
Making a load of new friends is a big goal of ours. Once we make these friends, we can help each other out when we come over to visit and vice versa. Obviously the big one is exposure and getting the opportunity to snag some new fans/support.

What are your scheduled slots at MML’17?
SATURDAY SEPT 9 – 2050-2120 at Barber Shop
MONDAY SEPT 11 – 2210-2235 at CHIJMES
TUESDAY SEPT 12 – 2200-2240 at Timbre @ The Substation

How are you preparing for MML’17?
We’ve found that huddling into a small office space playing Chinese whispers while listening to Garth Brooks has helped our concentration and focus, which we hope will be reflected on stage.

In all seriousness, though, we have been playing a bunch of shows recently to touch up the live show just for you all.

Why should music lovers come and watch you at MML’17?
We approach our live shows as if they were a competitive sport; we leave it all out there on the field (stage). Our songs are dynamic, catchy as hell and I’d like to think we go pretty hard. Our yarn game is a strength of ours too, you know, for afterwards when we’re becoming friends.

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