Intimate music shows with rising bands is something to seek out and experience. LAMC Productions certainly delivered with up and comers PVRIS performing an hour’s set to a rabid audience at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Positioned at the back of the venue, it was impossible to actually see much of the band as the rest of the floor was packed with tweens experiencing the gig through their phones!

In fact, frontwoman Lynn Gunn demanded that her fans rest the phones during at least one of the songs! Like compliant students getting a dressing down from ‘cher, the fans obeyed.

There was little doubt that the fans were enjoying themselves, screaming and hooting with every song introduction and lustily singing along, not to mention pogo-ing (is that still a thing?) at all the suitable moments.

PVRIS is a modern indie-pop Frankenstein monster – their music containing the right amounts of 80s pop-rock appeal and contemporary EDM rhythms – to get the attention of their target audience.

A sugar rush no doubt but ultimately insubstantial – in other words, a modern-day pop concert!

Photo credit : Mary-Ann Teo

Thanks to LAMC Productions for making this review possible.

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