Lion City Rock

Lion City Rock is a podcast dedicated to the Singapore music scene, the first of its kind. The podcast commenced streaming in September 2021 and is hosted by Chris Toh and Kevin Mathews (our founder!). Currently the podcast is into its 2nd season, having posted 27 episodes.

Thus far, we have not mentioned Lion City Rock on Power of Pop but it’s probably the right time to do so. Essentially, the podcast began as a tribute to the Singapore music scene of the 1990s and the folks behind that special epoch. The podcast has expanded its scope to include the Golden Age of Singapore pop music (the 1960s), the millennial movement (2000 – 2010) and the current wave of Singapore musicians and artists.

With respect to the 1990s music scene – which was a genuine grassroots music movement – the podcast featured bands like The Oddfellows, Force Vomit, Art Fazil and The Stoned Revivals, amongst others. In terms of the millennial movement, key players like Electrico, the Analog Girl, Lunarin and the Great Spy Experiment were highlighted and for the new breed, the podcast spoke to Issac Chiew, Houg and Rene.

Moving forward into the second season, the podcast is keen on expanding its reach to feature more players in the music eco-system in Singapore. This included label owners, managers and producers like Dean Augustine (Cross Ratio) and Leonard Soosay (Snakeweed). What the podcast is attempting to communicate is that while Singapore’s music scene is small, there are a lot of creative folk who deserve to be spotlighted and listened to.

And listening to Lion City Rock is akin to listening to 1990s local music – it’s lofi, earthy and uniquely Singaporean! There’s nothing quite like this podcast anywhere else in the world. Please listen to our favourite episodes (above) and subscribe to Lion City Rock!

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