Laneway EYE

Oops! Time sure snuck up on this, with Laneway Singapore 2016 now a week away. So here’s the rest of the acts, duly assessed by us with our recommendations for your ease of use.


A local electronic producer Louis Quek (aka Intriguant) has moved quickly to establish himself in the Singapore indie music scene. Quek also helms the boards with soul-funk collective The Good Life Project with some aplomb. Still quite wet behind the ears, his live shows need to more accurately represent his elegiac recordings.

Recommended for – twentysomething electronica lovers.


Toronto power trio Metz eschews melody for visceral sonic impact in their noise rock – hardcore punk hybrid. Elements of grunge surface as well, but fans of 90s band Melvins will dig this – meaning: not for hipsters! No surprise then that Metz are signed with Sub Pop!

Recommended for – thirtysomething 90s rock lovers.


A Canadian electronic music duo formed in 2010 and originally from Edmonton, Alberta. The band consists of Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals). The sound is as twee and fey as one would probably expect. Too similar to Grimes and CHVRCHES for comfort.

Recommended for – twentysomething indie pop lovers.


Singapore indie music fans should be familiar with Riot !n Magenta by now. The cold synthetic vibe is framed and offset by vocalist Ginny Bloop’s distinctive soulful larynx – marking them out from the other female-fronted electronic outfits that are so common at the festival.

Recommended for – indie pop lovers of all ages.


This 21 year old electronic artist’s debut album – Ratchet – was recently feted by SPIN as the best pop album of 2015! Covering a range of styles, again what sets Shamir apart is his voice, which has been described as androgynous and a countertenor. There is a strong Prince-ly method in his madness, not to mention a young Michael Jackson – it don’t get any better! Probably the widest appeal of any act in the festival.

Recommended for – EVERYBODY!

THE 1975

80s pop gets the full reboot with The 1975. But at least it’s good old fashioned pop songwriting. Meaning – melodic verses and choruses matched with albeit slightly cheesy keyboards. But hey, they look like a fit boy band, so the hipsters will come for the looks and the rest of us will groove to the nostalgic vibe. Kinda like a less douche-y Maroon 5.

Recommended for – EVERYBODY!


A little left field by Laneway 2016 standards, The Internet (great name!) is a hip-hop soul band hailing from Los Angeles. The sextet’s smooth tones belie the serious issues bubbling under. After all, the band’s latest album is called Ego Death and was nominated at the 58th Grammy Awards for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Don’t miss them!

Recommended for -thirtysomething urban music lovers.


Stephen Bruner (aka Thundercat) comes with impeccable credentials. The multi-genre bass player, producer and singer from Los Angeles has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and even Suicidal Tendencies. Eclectic as he is talented, yet another intriguing choice for Laneway 2016.

Recommended for – thirtysomething urban music lovers.


Aussie alt-rock quartet likened somewhat to 90s rock bands like Mudhoney, Nirvana and even Pixies. There’s a fair amount of melodic content in their tunes but not quite to the level of a Cobain or Westerberg song though. Nonetheless, the band will no doubt provide a solid rock out for festival goers.

Recommended for – thirtysomething indie rock lovers.

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