Future Islands by Cliff Yeo

What was my day like at Laneway SG 2015? Really good fun actually, meeting loads of cool music people (you know who you are!), boozin’ and enjoying pretty useful festival food as well. The people watching was fruitful – looking at the sweet young things in their hipster outfits made me feel like an anthropologist (okay, not really).

I was so comfortable and chilled out that I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that most of the music was average at best. Also, rock bands were showcased in the afternoon (where the audience was smaller) but it all felt like an afterthought.

Courtney Barnett by Rueven Tan

Of the rock bands on show, I was most impressed with 90s rock revivalist Courtney Barnett and to a lesser degree, garage duo Royal Blood. Nothing particularly innovative here, the former basically rehashed Seattle grunge and the latter, 70s blues-rock. But I accept that this is what passes for cool guitar rock in 2015, so there you go.

Hanging Up the Moon by Nor Asyraf

Over at the Cloud Stage, earmarked for laptop electronica, there were sound problems for the acoustic guitar-based Hanging Up the Moon. Disappointing but the band coped well and delivered a scintillating set nonetheless. Probably would have worked better at the main stages. Which would partially explain the annoyingly disrespectful audience that chose to plant their arses on the ground throughout the set! .gif fared better with the crowd for the obvious reasons though it was clear that the electro-pop resonated better with the young ones. Both acts proved yet again that Singapore music deserves its place at the festival.

The evening saw one dance rock act after the other entertain the huge audience with rhythms and hooks. For me, personally Sam Herring (top photo) stole the show. Take him out of the equation and Future Islands would be helluva boring to watch. But Herring was impossible not to enjoy with his stage antics.

And that was that. I want to thank the organizers once again for putting on a entertaining festival and letting someone like me (who sticks out like a sore thumb at one of these) permission to enter! The festival was very well put together and almost everything went on smoothly. No mean feat! As usual, I had my reservations about the music but this kind of festival would never be about my musical tastes – it’s not the 70s, 80s or even the 90s after all!

I may be opinionated but I’m not delusional!

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