It’s almost been three years since my final solo album – Present Sense – was released. The tepid response to that release prompted me to retire completely from releasing and performing music.

Sure, I’ve still released music on Bandcamp under new personas but even that has run its course, as it’s obvious that nobody cares.

Which is fine as I have found other avenues for my music so my music making itch is still well satisfied.

This year I have also realised that I need to be more circumspect about the kind of music I feature here as well. Since it’s all about the music that I like and not merely trying to please people anymore, I have decided to focus entirely on POWER POP ROCK N ROLL.

Which means I will not entertain press requests for music that does not fit into POWER POP ROCK N ROLL. And I will hold myself to this till the end of this website – which I hope is a long time away.

But what I can do is – as far as local gigs are concerned – I will post information at our Facebook page but not on this website – as long as I am convinced that your gig is not being supported in any way by any of the mainstream local music press.

So… while one door may have slammed shut, another door has re-opened and Power of Pop can return to its roots – POWER POP ROCK N ROLL!!!

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