Eight years ago, I left the rat race as I completed the final day of my last full-time job as a legal advisor of a boutique law firm.

I had absolutely no concrete plans, I was firmly outside my comfort zone – unemployed!

To be fair, it was not a new experience for me, in 2004 I was retrenched from a big property development company and was jobless for about 10 months.

Back then, I had chickened out as far as adopting a freelance ‘career’ was concerned and paid for it with five hells of sheer hell in that law practice.

Similarly, I was pretty much unemployed for a good nine months before landing a adjunct lecturer position at a local polytechnic.

While the first two years of this new direction was very financially painful, the last five years or so have been fruitful, I am glad to say.

Eight years later, I cannot imagine ever returning to a full-time position. Teaching has been highly rewarding – with ups and downs of course, but nothing compared to the hell I experienced in corporate life, and I do not miss it one bit.

At the end of 2015, I had decided to retire from live performance and as the new year began, I also resolved to stop officially releasing recordings and lay by recording ‘career’ to rest as well.

But it’s not the end, in fact, it’s a new beginning as I embark to develop myself fully as a composer with two projects coming up this year, of which I am very proud.

I have no regrets about where my life is at now, I am thankful for the small group of close friends that have supported me through thick and thin in the last eight years.

And of course, in 2018, I celebrate the 20 anniversary of Power of Pop and 10 years of the website in its current incarnation. Thank you everybody who has ever visited us during this time.

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