Emotions. It’s part of being human.

Though as Singaporeans, we have been socially engineered not to express our feelings, even more so than our former colonial masters, the British!

Emotional quotient is more important than intellectual quotient – and the fact that in Singapore, we have focused on the latter for over 50 years, has often left those of us who are naturally emotional, on the margins.

This has been achieved by emphasising technocratic skills over arts and humanities thereby eliminating empathy in our national psychological make-up. This can be easily seen in our leaders – even of so-called arts-centric organisations – where there is no emotional connection with the very things they are charged to have oversight over.


Social media often exacerbates the problem for the sensitive souls out there. Flaws are exaggerated when compared to others’ seeming perfections. Jealousy becomes a intense hurt when seeing how green the grass seems to be on the other side. So the response is either to lash out in irrational anger or to take a whip to oneself senselessly.

What is sorely needed is balance – a learned behaviour to step back, count to a hundred and reflect that in reality, life isn’t that bad. To count one’s blessings and decide to be content. It is a conscious choice that we can make and then one will see that there is much to be joyous about!

Today (26th December) is my wedding anniversary – #28 in fact. But due to the fact that my spouse decided that I had failed as a husband because I left the rat race almost six years ago, I am not worthy of her love and affection.

This is a fact that is completely out of my control and I have learned to accept this state of affairs and even rejoice in it! So this day has lost all meaning for me, which is fine. I am contented to be in this situation and to appreciate the liberty that it affords. I could wallow in self-pity but that is a waste of time & the present day is all I have so I seize it and decide to be happy!

So wherever you are, dear reader and whatever your situation is, I sincerely hope that you will be contented with your life and live in the moment!