Mulling over the difference between facts and opinion on a Sunday morning.

Am marvelling how religious people will trot out their scripture as if it was factual truth.

The usual conflicts over abortion, homosexuality, gender equality and the like, around the world, always originate from religious opinions.

Yes I said, “opinions” because the very foundation of religion is opinion.

“Opinion” may be defined as “a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

“Opinion” is synonymous with “belief”, “judgement”, “point of view”, “perspective” and the like.

So, you first need to have an opinion about whether God exists or not, then whether the hallowed text is the word of God or not, then whether what is quoted in the hallowed text means what you say it does and whether it is applicable or not.

Lots of hurdles to encounter before one might even endeavour to impose these opinions on other people who do not share those opinions.

But consistently, religious people will go down this path and demand that other people who do not share their opinions be made subject to them by law or otherwise.

Can you see how illogical this is?

Personally, I am a believer in God and all that but would never presume to tell people how to behave as long as they do no harm to another human being.

That should be as far as personal faith and belief should go, in my opinion.

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