Finally finished re-watching LOST, all six seasons. And I am satisfied and contented.

When the series was still current, it provided me a much-needed comfort when I was still working highly pressured long hours at a law firm.

I’d basically get back home at about 10 plus, put on a LOST DVD and lose myself in the characters and the story. I loved the characters and the mysteries that were constantly being introduced.

So there was a nostalgic element to this re-watch. The final season (2010) was a bit of a mixed bag and it coincided with my coming out from the rat race and into the freelancer’s life.

I remember feeling disappointed with how the series played out and concluded but still felt strongly for the characters.

This time round, even though the opening episodes of the sixth season were still pretty lame – especially whatever was going on at the temple and the whole Jacob and Man in Black narrative – the last few episodes resonated strongly, and I choked up over the series finale, even though it was ultimately very cornball.

Notwithstanding the rather silly ending, I thought the writers and producers did these beloved characters justice and provided closure for the series as a whole. Like I said, satisfied and contented.

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