POWER OF POP FILM Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (Review)

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five (Review)

Justice League vs The Fatal Five

Justice League vs The Fatal Five is a pretty decent DC animated movie which involves numerous characters from across time and space. The film features Elyes Gabel and Diane Guerrero alongside Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, and George Newbern reprising their roles as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, respectively, from the DC animated universe. The director is Sam Liu, who has directed prior DC animated films. The story was written by Eric Carrasco, partnered with Jim Krieg and Alan Burnett.

Apart from the big three viz. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the Justice League roster here features lesser known characters like Mr. Terrific, Ms Martian and most notably, Jessica Cruz, one of the new Green Lanterns.

The plot basically involves classic Legion of Super-Heroes villains, the Fatal Five. Emerald Express and Validus have been imprisoned in the past and Mano, Tharok and the Persuader – along with unwilling stowaway, Legionnaire Star Boy – travel back to the 21st century. Mayhem ensues.

The writing is strong as it focuses mainly on psychological issues faced by Cruz and Star Boy, which they ultimately have to overcome to save the day. There were surprising quite a few ‘lump-in-throat’ moments which marked Justice League vs The Fatal Five as one of the better DC animated movies in recent memory.

Highly recommended!

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