Public Library
(Salt Lady)

Rundman and I go way back – well, 1998 anyway. I reviewed one of his albums for BigO back then, exchanged a couple of emails and lost touch basically. So it’s great to be able to review Rundman’s latest gift to the pop underground – a spanking great new album produced in collaboration with the Silos, no less!

It certainly warms my heart to realize that not only is Rundman still alive & kicking but continuing to express his art with a passion and a verve which would put many modern “rock stars” to shame. Is this the new millennium or what?!!!

Typically personal, sincere and heartfelt, the songs on Public Library display little pretensions or self-consciousness instead I’m filled with a sense that Rundman has laid bare his heart and soul before me and I’m enriched as a result. Isn’t this what the best pop music is supposed to do?!!

Rundman wears his country, folk and pop influences well, rustic and mellifluous, songs like the breezy “Narthex,” loving “Smart Girls,” thoughtful “Second Language” & the brilliant “Cuban Missile Crisis” reveal Rundman as the mature, sensitive singer-songwriter he has always promised to be. File next to Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Steve Forbert, Bruce Springsteen for easy reference. A