Invincible S01E04

Invincible S01E04 is the fourth instalment of the first season of an animated superhero action-adventure TV drama streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The series is based on the Image Comic of the same name, created by writer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and artist Cory Walker. 

Invincible S01E04 does not carry forward the underlying plot – involving Omni-Man’s dark secret and real plans for Earth – too much. What is does instead is that the episode continues writer Robert Kirkman’s exploration of Alan Moore-styled deconstruction of superhero tropes. 

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It is this deconstruction trope – explained in our analysis of the superhero movie genre – that might not get Invincible as many viewers as it richly deserves. That and the fact that it is an animation series, which would automatically put off many adults. Worse yet, when much of the enjoyment of Invincible will depend on how deep a superhero comics geek one is. Which narrows the audience base significantly. 

However, if you are familiar with the original comic book then you will be aware of how tightly plotted Kirkman’s stories are and his love for superheroes bleeds right through. Also, Kirkman’s writing seldom deconstructs tropes for the sake of deconstruction but reconstructs some intriguing original storylines. 

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After all, there are over a hundred issues of Invincible available if Amazon Prime Video is minded to commit itself to Invincible for the long haul. We hope and pray that Invincible is a streaming success along the lines of Rick and Morty so that we can get more of the deconstruction trope in our streaming diet! 

For comic book fans, the entire sequence of Invincible’s Martian adventure – with its nods to J’onn J’onnz and Starro the Conqueror is probably worth the price of admission for Invincible S01E04. Already halfway through Season 1 already, with still so much story to tell! Yikes!!

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