What did Nikita Wong think of the 2nd day of the Ignite Music Festival 2014? Let’s find out?

Beaming coloured lights, cascading guitar licks and mellifluous vocals attracted the crowd at 5.30pm. The crowd was swaying in the breeze as they crooned away with the band. Concert goers were clad in casual wear to attend the outdoor music festival with beach mats scattered across the ground as they gathered to catch the band performing. Ignite Music Festival is held on an annual basis at Republic Polytechnic (RP). This year it was held from the 15th to the 16th of August 2014 in the evening.

Festival producer Kenny Lim (a former student of RP) decided to raise the ante by a notch and to break away from what had gone on before. To this end, Lim keen to bring in ShiGGa Shay to perform. Though many were questioning whether the rapper would actually fit the bill, he stuck to his guns. This move proved to be a massive success as evidenced by large turnout for Day One.

A total of 8 bands were scheduled for Day 2: Replug (RP), Knightingale, ORANGECOVE, Pleasantry, A N E C H O I S, Bear Culture, Caracal and Plainsunset. Replug (RP) (internal band formed within RP) kicked off the proceedings, frontman Muhaimin and female vocalist Nurfatin stole the limelight as they sung in synergy often complimenting each other. Their vocal ranges were being showcased from the various covers which they sung. Giving it a little twist, the band took on songs such as “Cough Syrup” by Young The Giant and “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. The crowd soaked in the chilled out atmosphere as they sang along with the band.

No one would have ever guessed that the band was only formed a month ago, as their harmonies were so tight with beats on time, there was hardly any visible mistakes made by the band. The band sounded like Florence and The Machine through their breathy and soulful voices. Muhaimin stated that it was their first performance at Ignite and it was nerve-wrecking especially when it was in front of the public as compared to performing in front of their fellow schoolmates.

As the clock inched towards 7.30pm, the crowd started to build up as they capered and bobbed away to the tunes by Pleasantry. The lead vocals of Samantha Teng was more than distinctive as it was extremely emotive and the band sang about love and yearning, feelings that were personal and resonant. Through a first listen, the band is able to capture the hearts of many listeners.


Switching over, guitar shredding, head banging and hair flips announced that A N E C H O I S had arrived. The atmosphere was so intense and the crowd was exhilarated. Nifty guitar riffs and pulsating beats left the audience awash and overwhelmed by the music as they casted their worries aside.

Apart from the music, pop up stalls such as Macbeth, Klipsch, Thunder Rock School, Bandwagon and favourites such as Ramly Burgers and Pizzas were present to curb the satiety of hungry concert goers.

All in all, the sheer amount of hard work from the Student Helpers and the organizers certainly paid off. Concert goers were brimming with joy upon catching the bands. MI Backline Ebenex certainly enhanced the atmosphere of the festival too as the sound quality was top notch which provided the concert goers with a positive experience.

Ignite Music Festival is something which lives within the hearts of many youths. It certainly whelms many of us up to see the contributing efforts which RP has made over the years to string together the various local acts. Who said that Singapore is unable to stage a proper performance? Well RP definitely met the benchmark this year!