As we had shared with you at the beginning of the year, we have been trying to narrow Power of Pop’s musical focus – coming up with catchphrases like “THE NEW ROCK N ROLL”, “POP POWER!!!” and most recently, “POWER POP ROCK N ROLL” to differentiate the kind of music we are interested to champion from the other kinds of music we quite believe is a complete waste of our (and your) time.

We truly believe that in the first half of the year, there have been quite a few shining examples of the melodic pop-rock that inspired us to put almost 20 years into Power of Pop thus far, despite the zero-financial reward.

These artists/bands have been a tremendous encouragement in keeping this webzine going even if it does not put a single cent in our pockets and our heartfelt thanks go out to the likes of Plasticsoul, Cait Brennan, Nick Frater, Lincoln Barr, Robyn Hitchcock, Eric Matthews, Grandaddy, Screamfeeder, Corin Ashley, Gretchen’s Wheel, Fastball, BMX Bandits, Alexa Dark, Elf Power, Big Walnuts Yonder, Captain Wilberforce and of course, Huxley Rittman.

To this end, we have decided not to take on any advertising requests whatsoever. To do so would expose us to potentially compromising situations and we want to remain true to our taste making vision. We are however, open to donations if you really want to support Power of Pop.

So, we promise to maintain our uncompromising attitude towards the music that we feature here. Please help us by recommending bands/artists who fit into our musical worldview and also by sharing our humble webzine with like-minded music fans out there.

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