HOLLAND Photographs and Tidalwaves (Tooth & Nail)

Composed of the Holland brothers viz. Will (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Josiah (bass, vocals) and erm, Yogi on drums, Holland combines dynamic pop-rock aesthetics with mature lyrical perspectives. Whilst ostensibly, the band lays claim to a deep rooted Beatles influence (who doesn’t?) the best modern day comparison I can make is probably Nada Surf.

Which means, chest-bursting anthems are often the order of the day but isn’t that what great rock ‘n’ roll is about anyway? “Shine Like Stars” underlines its punchy atmospherics with a grasp at hope – “Hold your breath/There’s something up ahead/and I think we were born for this” and “The Whole World” amidst a barrage of melodic confections lifts it’s banner of optimism high – “Keep, yeah, keep your anthem strong/And find where you belong/Find where you belong/Lose your shoe gazing view/And rid the world of wrong/With one simple song.”

But Holland is aware of life’s constant change and the impact is felt on the fragile “Because of You” – “We’ve had our hard times…friends that we’ve lost/I guess that love comes with a cost/Heartache for days before we all slipped away/well I promise that I’ll never let those fade” and the moving “Losing Jim” mourns a painful memory – “Lose your last hope, beginning to choke/All I can take is thrown in my face…and the stench is strong/Of memories gone/Wearing thin and losing Jim.”

Produced by Aaron Sprinkle (also on the boards for Starflyer 59’s amazing “Old”), Photograph and Tidalwaves verifies life-affirming pop-rock’s continuing relevance and importance. A www.toothandnail.com