His Dark Materials S02E07

His Dark Materials S02E07 is the season finale of this scifi fantasy adaptation of The Subtle Knife, the second book in Philip Pullman’s series. Entitled “Æsahættr”, His Dark Materials S02E07 finally reveals to us, the true nature of Lyra’s identity, as preposterous as that revelation is.

Befitting of a season finale, His Dark Materials S02E07 wraps up numerous plot threads, ending many characters in the process. Sounds exciting but in reality it is rather mundane. Although the adaptation follows the basic plot points of the source material, it is delivered in a less than engaging manner.

Yes, there are action sequences this time round but one never feels any tension in this series and this includes the tepid action sequences. Even though characters actually perish in this episode, one never quite appreciate the risk and danger these characters undertake. Which to me, demonstrates the abject failure of the series to build any empathy in the characters whatsoever.

Worse still, key characters will suddenly develop powers and abilities never even hinted at in previous episodes. It is a convenient device to carry the story forward but as there is no logical explanation given, the suspension of disbelief is destroyed and I just do not believe what I am being presented with anymore.

Even with the truly shabby and slopping conclusion to the Game of Thrones series, at least we gave a damn about those characters and we understood the stakes and felt invested in the ultimate fates of the characters. There is none of that in His Dark Materials in two seasons. Whether it is the fault of the source material or the adaptation, I cannot definitively say. Probably a bit of both.

At the end of His Dark Materials S02E07, there are several pronouncements which promises much in Season 3 but if the two seasons are anything to go by, I have zero expectations that it will be worth the time and effort to follow though.

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