His Dark Materials S02E06

His Dark Materials S02E06 is the penultimate episode in Season 2 and thus, story events needed to progress beyond the static. His Dark Materials S02E06, entitled “Malice”, certainly shook up the status quo as far as this series is concerned. One main flaw of the series so far is the slow moving plot and sloppy pacing issues. While less than perfect, at least this episode seemed to move the plot forward.

Put plainly and simply, the plot for His Dark Materials S02E06 centred on Lyra and Will meeting the Witch Serafina Pekkala who had crossed over through the ‘anomaly’. Well, considering that Lee Scoresby and John Parry had also crossed over (via balloon) as has Mrs. Coulter and Lord Boreal (separately) – it does seem that the narrative is driving towards a particular resolution on the crossworld, at least. Oh, and Dr Malone is there too, helping out the lost children!

That all said, the endgame in the season finale is not clearly in sight or even in mind. While there have been incremental plot point achievements in Season 2 – Will becoming the bearer of the Subtle Knife, for example – nothing much has really happened.

I mean, there’s talk of Lyra being the Chosen One – but in a negative sense, in that she will bring about the destruction all things – which brings the Witches and the Magisterium more sharply focused into the chase for Lyra. But does Mrs. Coulter seek Lyra for the same reason? She’s not in the running for any mother of the year awards, that’s for sure! So why indeed?

Which is the frustrating aspect of His Dark Materials. There is so much potential in the concepts but the story is being told in a less than satisfying manner. Having not read the books, one wonders if it’s the fault of the source material or the abject failure of the series to adapt the work successfully.

In any case, the Season 2 finale is upon us and unfortunately, though recent episodes have been promising, the series will once again prove to be a letdown unless it can somehow pull a rabbit from the hat. Mm.

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